A new walk that will take you round the darker side of Hedon will be introduced on Wednesday 26th October. The Ghost walk will commence from Market Hill at 1930 and will be two hours of ghost stories and true tales of murder, mystery and mayhem related to the places we pass and elsewhere in the town. The two hour walk will tell of horrible events in the life of the Town that take place in war time and peace, are self inflicted and malicious and some are terrible whilst others are quite strange and others even funny.

The Ghost Walk is like the other walks, just turn up at the right time and place and the walk will go ahead what ever the weather. No booking is required. The Cost is £4.

Dates for the Ghost Walks.                                                                                                                            WEDNESDAY 26th OCTOBER                                                                                                                 MONDAY         31st  OCTOBER                                                                                                                   WEDNESDAY 23rd NOVEMBER                                                                                                               WEDNESDAY 28th DECEMBER                                                                                                               WEDNESDAY 25th  JANUARY                                                                                                               WEDNESDAY 22nd FEBRUARY                                                                                                               WEDNESDAY 22nd MARCH